The Key to Staying in Business

As we’ve called thousands of furniture stores to discuss our training services it has become abundantly apparent that most furniture store owners and managers are anxiously working to improve the customer experience in their stores. In fact, I recently attended a convention for a buying group and listened as the CEO announced new benefits for the members including upgraded websites, electronic price tags and store makeovers. Clearly, the group leadership understands the need to continually help its members upgrade their customer’s experience.

Despite these commendable efforts the customer experience in most furniture stores is not what we might hope and expect. As demonstrated in my recent blog post, Customer Comments Reveal an Unfortunate Truth, countless customers are simply not satisfied with their shopping experience. According to a recent article published by Forbes (July 15, 2018) “While 80% of companies believe they deliver super experiences, only 8% of customers agree.”

It’s not only interesting, but informative to review the customer responses that are so accessible via the Internet. You won’t read that customers are dissatisfied with store signage, websites, or showroom layouts and decor. However, you will read that customers are frustrated because salespeople lack fundamental sales knowledge and skills.

The purpose of this blog post is to suggest that store owners help their salespeople be better informed and more service oriented. After all, it’s likely that customers will more quickly forget the smell of the freshly baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies than the manipulation they felt from the salesperson who seemed more focused on sales than service.

To learn more about the Furniture Training Company and how we can help to improve your sales team and customer experiences, please visit our website at

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