Customer Reviews Reveal Sad Truth

As we participate in industry shows and events around the country we hear a persistent call for furniture stores to improve their customer experience. We hear about the need to upgrade signs, websites, and showrooms and the use of gifts, surveys, and contests. Unfortunately the experiences described on Yelp, Google, Facebook and other social media make it clear that despite these changes and improvements, many furniture customers continue to have poor shopping experiences. To often they feel unappreciated, neglected, judged, and disrespected. Read these reviews posted by customers who recently visited a furniture store.

We got less than zero help, not even a person to walk up and greet me! And we were THE only ones over there so we went across the way to …”

“Talk about high pressure rude sales people.”

“I concur with other reviews that characterize their staff as haughty and aloof….which is absurd for anyone in the customer service business.”

“They carry awesome brands and assortments of furniture, too bad most of the employees are rude and stuck up.”

“The store and the product are fine, but the delivery and lack of customer service around delivery events display a lack of concern for their customers.”

“…No sales person would help us, some were busy with customers,  the other sales personal were too busy talking with each other.”

“I’d give it zero stars if I could. HORRIBLE from beginning to end. Most of the staff was rude and could care less about customer service.”

“Their salesmen are heavily commissioned so when you walk in they just follow you around relentlessly trying to see if they can be the one to get you to buy something.”

“I don’t know if they just decided to not treat me as a customer because I wasn’t wearing fancy clothes and assumed I was going in to spend only $200 bucks on a couch.”

Reviews like these make it clear that while an effort is being made to improve the furniture shopping experience, too little is being done to ensure that the most important interaction in the customer’s shopping experience, working with the RSA, matches the quality of the advertising, websites, and showroom aesthetics. Until the RSA becomes prepared to provide the high quality experience the customer needs and wants, the industry will continue to receive poor ratings that will drive customers to the Internet and elsewhere.

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