Handling More Informed Shoppers

With the power of the internet, shoppers are coming into furniture stores more informed than ever before. In fact, many shoppers would tell you that they know more about the furniture they are interested in than your salespeople who assist them. Could this be why many stores are struggling with low closing rates and high turnover?

Often times, furniture stores are so concerned with the advertising and marketing that it takes to bring a shopper into the store, that they forget what it takes to consistently and effectively turn those expensive shoppers into customers.

When shoppers come into your store, they are likely looking for one thing…validation. They have probably spent significant time on several websites, including yours, to determine what they want to look at when they come into your store. They want your salespeople to be knowledgeable enough that they can validate the decision they made before coming into your store, or show them the right solution if there is a better option for them.

Almost every furniture store thinks that they are significantly different from their competition…but they aren’t. Most furniture stores offer similar products, similar financing plans, similar prices, and similar design tools. What makes a store really different from others, is the helpfulness of your staff. In other words, ow much you train and develop your staff, including your managers, is going to be the key to success.

Take the time to train your staff on important product knowledge, selling skills, interior design, and customer service skills. It is the knowledge and skills that your managers and individual salespeople possess that will help you to rise above your competition down the street and on the internet.

With the right knowledge and practice, your salespeople will truly be able to validate your customers furniture desires or help them to find other options that better fit their needs. If you haven’t used our training already, try it out today and see how your folks improve!


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